Your kindness

• Your kindness may be treated as your weakness still be kind. Your help to others may go unneeded and unnoticed still be helpful. Gud Day!
• Don’t expect much from others and get disappointed, but do not disappoint those who expect much from U. Gud Day!
• No one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly, God won’t give problems without solutions. So, go fearless and face it!
• When God solves ur problems, u have faith in his abilities. When he doesn’t solve ur problems, he has faith in ur abilities! Gud Morning.
• On the path of success always lies big O’s, many read them as Obstacles, only few read them as Opportunities. Attitude matters a lot. So always be positive.
• Life isn’t a bowl of cherries or peaches. It’s more like a jar of chillies. What you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow! Gud Day!
• Destiny is simply the strength of ur desires. If u cry at a trouble, it grows double. If u laugh at a trouble, it disappears like a bubble! Have a Great Day!
• A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure. So imagine how brilliant a Human can be by sustaining pressures of life. Gud Day!
• A butterfly lives only 4 few days, but still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts. Each moment in life is indeed precious, live it fully, live it lively. Gud Day!
• Either U can complain coz roses hv thorns or U can rejoice coz thorns hv roses…Just a beautiful way 2 say that Life is the way U luk at it. Have a great day!
• Heated Gold becomes ornament; beated Copper becomes wire; depleted stone becomes statue; so, the more pain u get in life, more Valuable u become. Gud Day!


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