The greatest gift u can

• The greatest gift u can give to someone is ur time coz when u give someone ur time, u have given them a portion of ur life that u’ll never get back.
• Friends are like Street Lights along the road. They don’t make the distance any shorter, but they light up the path & make the walk worthwhile.
• Friends are amazing when they are new, they are wonderful when they are true, but do you know they are a Blessing when they are like U.
• Birth is the start of life; Beauty is the art of life; Mystery, risk & tensions are part of life but friends like U are Heart of life.
• Each day God sends his angels to guide us. We don’t expect to see them with wings or with halo. Instead, they come in disguise & we call ’em friends. Thnx 4 being an angel to me!
• No sweet thought to forward, no cute graphics to send, just a..caring heart saying….Take Care always my dear friend.
• Hearts could only luv for a while, feet cud only walk for a mile, clothes won’t forever be in style but having u as my friend is forever worthwhile.
• Sometimes in life v tend 2 run so fast tht v don’t notice friends running with us, we only notice thm wen we fall & they r there to hold us. So run, as I’m there 2 hold U


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