Imran Khan interview

Date of Birth

13 January 1983, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Birth Name

Imran Khan Pal


Grandson of Director Nasir Hussain

Nephew of actor Aamir Khan, Faisal Khan, Farhat Khan, and Nikhat Khan

Nephew of Director Mansoor Khan

After two consecutive duds- KIDNAP and LUCK, Imran Khan is back doing what he is perhaps best suited for, i.e. romantic-comedies. Catch him as he speaks about his upcoming film, I HATE LUV STORYS (IHLS), his equation with Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar and more.

Why the film is titled I HATE LUV STORYS?
I HATE LUV STORYS is just the film’s title. The film is actually a love story. It is a romantic comedy. My character in the film doesn’t believe in love and hates love stories. But he is working as an assistant director with a very big director who makes a lot of love stories. That is his problem in life. On the other hand, Sonam Kapoor’s character is very romantic. She believes in love at first sight and hopes that one day, her prince charming would come. She is playing the role of a production designer.

Do you hate love stories and what kind of films did you grow up watching?
No, I don’t hate love stories. I wouldn’t have done this film if I hated love stories as the film is a love story itself. I didn’t really grow up watching Hindi films. Here and there, I saw a few films like QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK and

‘ I liked Sonam a lot.’

MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA as those were very big films. But for the most part, at that time I was not really interested in Hindi films. I only started watching Hindi films after I started working in the Film Industry.

You are playing an assistant director in IHLS. Is the film based on the Film Industry?
No, the film is not based on the Film Industry. The Film Industry is only a backdrop. LUCK BY CHANCE was a film which was about the film industry. But IHLS is primarily a story about a guy and a girl.

What made you do this film?
For me, three things are important while choosing a film- script, director and producer. If one of these three things is missing, the film will not be good.

In IHLS, my character is completely notorious and shameless. His only aim in life is how to woo girls. He likes to flirt with girls and have a lot of girlfriends. He can go to any extent to impress a girl. In one scene, he also pretends to be blind to get sympathy and all. I wanted to play the character as I found him very entertaining.

Sonam Kapoor is your co-star in this film? Is she taller than you?
No, she is one inch shorter than me. They did not give her high heels in the film. If they had, she would have been taller (chuckles).

How was it working with her?
I liked Sonam a lot. She’s a very sorted person. When she comes on set, she knows her lines. She knows exactly how she is going to play her scene.

Karan Johar is producing the film. Did he give his inputs?
Karan is a very non-interfering person. According to Karan, a film should be the director’s vision. He only came for the mahurat shot on the first day of shooting. We never saw him again. The film is entirely Punit’s direction and vision. For better or worse, it’s his film.

After trying your hand with serious action-dramas like KIDNAP and LUCK, which turned out to be duds, are you focusing on romantic comedies now (as his first outing JAANE TU YA JAANE NA was a huge hit)?
I never work according to my image. I never think that I should do only a particular type of films. If I like a film’s story and think that it will work, I do it. If I do the same thing again and again, the audience will get bored. Even I’ll get bored.

Do you also follow, your mamu (uncle), Aamir Khan’s philosophy of doing one film at a time?
I only do one film at a time. But that is my limitation. I cannot do many things. When I am shooting, I don’t answer calls. I check my phone in the evening and I call back.

What do you think about message oriented films?
We are not obliged to make message oriented films. Our job is to entertain. If a person feels like giving a message through his film, he may do that. But we are not obligated to make such films. Our only obligation is to give the audience their money’s worth. The audience should not feel cheated.


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