Red Alert

The first frame that generally reads as that, ‘the characters involved in the flick are just imagination’… blaa blaah… blaah, but to our surprise the first frame of ‘Red Alert – The War Within’ says that it is based on real story.

We might have read quite a lot of articles in the newspapers, on the Naxalite movement, which is the critical issue, to be solved and faced at the global level.

We might have also watched stories in television about the poor farmers committing suicide in villages, bomb blasts and a young girl being gang raped and these stories are also forgotten by the people, as the days passed by.

Red Alert- The War Within potrays about the the Naxal power, which is indeed a powerful subject, that keeps you hooked to the seat and keeps your eyes wide open, as the story unfolds.

Red Alert – The War Within is the story of Narsimha (Suniel Shetty) a farm labourer, who desperately needs money to fulfill the basic needs in life. He is in need of money to feed his family and to send his children to school. At one instance, Narasimha finds himself in the midst of Naxalities, when he goes to deliver the food in the jungle. From then on, his life turns upside down, who is on the run for his life to save himself from law and as well as from the militants.

Sunil Shetty has excelled in the performance and utmost care has been taken that there is no shades of these star status being shown in the movie in any frame. The hot babe of Bollywood Sameera Reddy, has done an image make over role, appearing  without makeup like any other shattered woman would be, after being gang-raped

Red Alert – The War Within, is directed by Ananth Mahadevan, who has also shown his excellence in the storytelling as well. The Splendid performance of Suniel Shetty,Sameera Reddy,Seema Biswas, Ashish Vidyaarthi, Ayesha Dharkar, Gulshan Grover, Bhagyashree can be said, that they have done the best roles of their career.

Red Alert – The War Within is full of realism that promises to leave an impact on the watchers. Watch it, for the bold attempt of potraying the real stories.


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