Amrita Rao

Date of Birth
7 June 1981, Mumbai, India

Birth Name
Amrita Deepak Rao

5′ 5″ (1.65 m)

Mini Biography

Amrita was born in the Rao family on June 7, 1981 in Mumbai, She speaks Konkani. She comes from a well to do Hindu family. Her dad owns an Advertising Agency.

Amrita did not want to purse any career with Bollywood as she wanted to graduate in psychology, which she eventually did.

No stranger to cameras and bright lights, she has modeled for approximately 35 advertisements. Her first assignment was for Fairever Face Cream. Amongst other assignments that got her noticed were Hindustan Lever’s ‘Close-up’ Cadbury’s Perk, & Nestle Bru Coffee. Ken Ghosh approached Amrita for his debut movie Ishq Vishq after seeing her in the perk commercial, where she plays a hungry bride eagerly awaiting the arrival of her husband on the religious occasion of ‘Karva Chauth’. Ishq Vishq was a world-wide hit and made her famous virtually overnight. Amrita Rao is also a Brand Ambassador for D’Damas Gold Jewellery, Parachute Hair Oil, and Miss Players Apparels.

Her other hit movies ‘Masti’, ‘Main Hoon Na’ & ‘Vivah’ added to her popularity and stardom. While ‘Pyare Mohan’, ‘Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi’, ‘Shikhar’ ‘Deewar’ were average at the box office. So far she has won 6 awards, mostly related to her performances in ‘Ishq Vishk’ and ‘Vivah’.

Barely 12 movies’ old, she is already quite well-known for her skilled performances and her dancing talent. Madhuri Dixit went gaga over her performance at the Filmfare Awards 2007. Renowned artist M.F Hussain chose her as his Muse and theme of paintings after Madhuri Dixit.

She also has a Telegu movie to her credit which turned out a huge box office hit. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, and her mother-tongue, Konkani. She is passionate about reading short stories. Allergic to spicy Indian food, she prefers bland continental, and loves dessert such as Gulab Jamun

She has co-starred with Shahid Kapur, Zayed Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Akshay Khanna, and Mahesh Babu.

A winner of the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Award at the young age of 25, Amrita Rao is all set for her successful innings at Bollywood.
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Daughter of Deepak Rao

Comes from a very well-to-do Saraswat Brahmin family

Philosophy of life: Life is short and sweet, so make others happy and never let anyone down.

Brands modeled for: Hindustan Lever’s – Close-up, Godrej – Nikhaar Soap (2 ads.), Nestle – Bru Coffee, Wringly Chewing Gum, Anne French, Fena Detergent, Jolen Bleach, 3 Roses Tea (South India), Johnson & Johnsons – Clean & Clear Face Wash, Proctor & Gamble – Pantene Hair Wash, Cadbury’s – Perk Chocolates, Parachute Jasmine – Hair Oil, Domino’s Pizza, HMT Watches, Allukas Jewellery (South India), and Allapet Jewellery (South India).

Amrita Rao’s younger sister Preeta Rao is a journalist/columnist and a movie critic.

Personal Quotes

Marriages are forever, they should be forever. I think marriages are falling apart these days because egos have become larger than life. Women have become independent and so they easily walk out of relationships. Earlier the woman would totally depend on the man. There will be ups and downs in marriage and we should deal with it gracefully. Selfishness will leave us lonely at the end of the day. In my profession, girls are more committed; if they see someone or are married then they stick to their commitment. Guys just get carried away. So it is very difficult to say whether I will marry an actor. There are a few successful marriages in the industry too, but still… I feel that the first choice should be the last choice and that is also the reason why I haven’t got a boy friend. If I decide to go around with a guy, I would want to marry him otherwise it doesn’t make sense. So not just marriage but I must say that relationships are forever.

On Shoaib Akhtar: He is decent looking, but I don’t know about his sex appeal. You need to have a good personality and moral qualities, apart from looks to be sexy. He is a good cricketer, but I don’t think he is sexy.

From the girl-next door image that had made Amrita Rao one of the most accepted and adorable faces in the tinsel town, she comes with a complete image makeover, in a hot new avatar in her forthcoming release SHORTKUT: THE CON IS ON. Our correspondent chats up with the actor.

What do you think of Amrita Rao’s new look? Love it or hate it? Tell us. Leave your comments in the COMMENTS BOX below.

This is by far one of my most favorite Amrita Rao Wallpapers, here we see Amrita Rao in a see thorugh top and tight bra.  Not only that but you can see Amrita Rao’s firm exposed legs, smooth and supple!

Amrita is the hottest bollywood celebrity in my opinion and this is one of the most sensual pictures  have seen of her!

If you are looking for a desktop wallpaper of Amrita Rao look no further because this is perfect!

Amrita Rao, the Beautiful Indian Star
There have been hundreds upon thousands of actors and actresses to hit the Bollywood scene. None of them however have hit such astronomical success as Amrita Rao. Amrita had never planned to become an actress, and infact held off job offers until she had finished her studies at college. During that time she did several small adverts, all of which rose to huge success.
Amrita Rao’s first big break came after her studies finished, where she was picked to act in the film Ab Ke Baras in 2002. From here Amrita has risen to astounding fame, spring boarded from commercials into movie fame!

This website has host to a huge number of Amrita Rao Photos, Wallpapers and video clips all in one location, allowing you to find out anything you need to know about Amrita Rao!

Amrita Rao with No Bra and Backless Top

This stunning black and white picture of Amrita Rao in a backless top and no bra is a great reminder of why we love this bollywood star.  This is one of my favorite Amrita Rao photos, it reveals her back while containing her modesty and dignity.

This photo of Amrita Rao is both sensual and held back, keeping you on your toes in Amrita’s true style.

If you want a classic, classy and sexy photo of Amrita Rao look no further, this picture as absolutely stunnign and conveys her gorgeous gaze, perfect figure and teasing smile all in one single shot!

Bollywood Actress Amrita Rao desperately wants to shed her simple-sweet-girl-next door image for a sizzling sexy one. She explored with very ‘Indian’ looks with her roles in Vivah and Welcome To Sajjanpur. Her forthcoming film has her playing a simple city girl.

But in her next film SHORTKUT she will be going fully bold and beautiful. Sexy image would mean she would wear shorter clothes and that she will have a couple of raunchy numbers to dance on and of course a hot love making scene with her love interest in the film.

Amrita Rao, who started her Bollywood career as the girl-next-door, is creating a lot of flutter around with her all new provocative glam look. The actress justifies that she is not trying to break the image that she has created in the industry by saying that ‘a girl next door can also be hot and sexy’.

“I’m not trying to desperately do something different that would make me change the image that I have built. I’m very happy if people in the industry find me a sweet girl-next-door,” she says.
She finds nothing wrong when the same girl-next-door goes through a glam makeover and starts flirting with guys in a pub. Suddenly, the girl-next-door which is the uber chic version of the Bharatiya Nari has gone through a sea change in definition.

“But you have to understand that this girl is not predictable. She can be hot and sexy too, she can be the life of a party and can also flirt with boys,” Amrita says.

And what does Amrita have to say about her new look in the forthcoming film Shortkut in which she is provocatively soaking the sun on a sandy beach?

“See, I have worn sexy clothes before too in films like Ab Ke Baras, Ishq Vishk, Main Hoon Na. The new thing that I have done is the way I have been acting like in My Name is Anthony Gonsalves in which I could subtly be seductive through my eyes and expressions. In Shortkut too, I have a role that demands me to be glamourous and attractive,” Amrita explains.

Now an established actress, Amrita started her career as a model and featured in several commercials. Having no well wishers in Bollywood, Amrita says she has been lucky to have got big movie offers.

“It’s difficult to establish yourself in our industry if you do not know someone. Only a few from the outside can barge into the industry. I think I have been very lucky,” she says.
She admits that there are very few platforms that enable an actor to get noticed.

“The problem is that the platforms from where you can get spotted by someone from our film fraternity are few. Either you have to be a model doing ads or you have to win a beauty pageant and none of these are a cakewalk,” she said.

This svelte actress currently has three films in her kitty — the Shyam Benegal
directed Mahadev Ka Sajjanpur, Harman Baweja starrer Victory and Anil Kapoor’s Shortkut and says she has no complaints about how the industry has treated her so far.

“I don’t have any complaints because I think I have got some really nice opportunities and people have been very nice with me,” she says, adding, “Acting was something I always secretly desired to do and I’m living my dream.”

The romantic at heart
Amrita, who has acted in several romantic films, says she is a very big romantic at heart and adds that it was her role in Ishq Vishq that is most closer to the real person that she is. “I’m a very sacrificing, emotional person. Playing the role of Payal in the film was like playing me in front of the screen,” she says.

Amrita says that she believes in the classic, your-love-is-destined-for-you phrase. “I’m a very romantic person but I believe that if someone is destined to be with me, nothing can take the person away,” she adds.

Okay… so how have you been?
(Smiles) Great. It has been a great few years and I am just happy with the way things have been, the roles, I have come across and it’s just a great feeling before the release of another film like SHORTKUT.

So tell me what is the reason behind this hot new look.
(Laughs out loud). You too got surprised and everyone’s getting surprised. But honestly, I didn’t want to surprise anyone with a new look. I don’t believe in a

“There is no shortcut to success.”
‘shortcut route to success’. So, this wasn’t a planned move or choice but everything was done to fit into the role. The role demanded me to sport a new, hot, look and as I was playing an actress it was the requirement.

But your fans have always liked you as the girl-next-door?
Well, I am and will always be the way I am. I don’t want to change my image to just impress the audiences. They have accepted me the way I am. And the girl next door can also look hot.

Somehow, whenever you have played a role that has moved away from a simpleton, your films didn’t work like MY NAME IS ANTHONY GONSALVES and VICTORY.
Yes, both the films didn’t work and whenever a film doesn’t work, it hurts the people who were behind making that film. But nothing is predictable. Once a film is made every actor hopes that the film will do well but ultimately, the audience is the deciding factor.

So, you are playing an actress in SHORTKUT.
Yes… But something that is completely different to what I am in real life. It’s a great comedy, produced by Mr. Anil Kapoor and he is someone who gets completely involved into his projects. Though the comedy is mostly between Arshad and Akshaye, I am there in the emotional part. It has been a memorable experience. It’s a laugh riot where Akshaye wants to make a film with a bad actor, played by Arshad and I play a successful actress, who is glamorous. My character Mansi is one of the top actresses today but there’s a lot of interference from her personal life into her professional life, which makes things difficult. That’s where the difference lies from my real life. I have never faced such problems from my family. My parents have always been liberal and supportive.

In fact WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR too was a comedy?
But that was completely opposite. You know Mr. Benegal and the kind of films he makes. It was a comedy but there was a satire, which was wonderfully depicted on screen. It had a subtle message and the comedy was completely different. In fact my role, look and everything was completely different.

You have worked with directors like Shyam Benegal and Raj Kumar Santoshi on one hand and on the other hand the likes of Farah Khan, Ken Ghosh and Sooraj Barjatia. How do you balance your moves?
See, I don’t do things in a planned way. That can never be done. Good scripts always appeals and if you can justify your role good films are bound to come your way. But I have always maintained a balance between the good films and the commercial value of films because at the end of the day commercial value of films does matter. That is what brings business while there isn’t a bigger kick than playing a role which people appreciate.

So what about your film THE LEGEND OF KUNAL, which is being directed by Dr. Chandraprakash Diwedi?
I am really thrilled to be acting alongside Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. It is a period film and a lot of research has already gone into it. Right now Mr. Diwedi is looking for the right location and once that is done we will start shooting. It’s a big film and we all are excited about it but it will take some more time. Moreover, we all too need to prepare a lot on our roles and that isn’t an easy task at all.

So what are your plans now?
There aren’t any plans as such. As I said, one can’t plans things always, and at least not in our trade. I will be doing films, which I think the audience will like me in and that is what is most satisfying as an actor. For the time being I am really excited and looking forward to SHORTKUT.

What goes behind your recent glamorous makeover?
The credit goes to Manish (Malhotra). He worked at my looks for my film ‘Short Kut’ and the results are so positive that it’s hard to shun it now. In fact, Manish is responsible for changing fashion in Bollywood. Not only me, but there are several other actors who owe their style statement to him. Manish changed the face of Bollywood and is still doing so.
Since you are wearing a bridal outfit, let’s ask, what will you prefer to wear when you get married?
Oh my God! Marriage is not at all on the cards at the moment. But when I get married, I would prefer to wear something like I am wearing right now…a traditional yet modern outfit with halters and sequins.
Who do you think looked best among the two showstoppers today-Baichung Bhutia or Ronit Roy?
I think it’s Manish Malhotra…(giggles).
What do your prefer wearing off the camera?
I am a casual person…I know that’s what everyone says, But then, that’s a fact. We too like letting it loose at home or when with friends just like you all.

How did films happen?

I was in college, which I did not complete because I started modeling. I did the perk Ad that got me noticed and filmmakers approached me. My debut film was Ab ke baras with Arya Babbar. Ken Ghosh Raj Kumar Santoshi, Raj Kanwar had offered me films but Raj kanwar was in a hurry to start his film so Ab Ke baras became by first film. Immediately after that The legend of Bhagat Singh followed –then there was one years gap in which we shot for Ishq vishk.

Any regrets that your first film didn’t fare well?

Ab ke baras did not fair well but I have not regretted doing it because it was a major role-I played a double role- a major opportunity for a Hindi film debut. And when you consider it was Raj Babbar’ son’s film ideally it should have been a very hero oriented film but it was more a fifty fifty kind of opportunity for both of us. And I had important performance scenes with Ashutosh Rana and Ashish Vidyarthi and also Danny Denzongpa-all seasoned actors. It was very challenging role and I played two contrasting roles-one was a simple girl based in the past with a period look and the other was an NRI from Canada. I had to climb a running bus and get onto a truck and do stunts so I learnt a lot in Ab ke baras. I got trained in dancing by Saroj Khan in dance then I had action scenes so I got trained by Pappu verma. I did almost everything in that one film. It was like doing ten films.

Any hesitation before the camera?

I had earlier done a lot of ads and I was perfectly fine in front of the camera. I think the difference between the modeling world and films is that one is without dialogues and you have to convey everything through your expressions and in a film you have to follow a character and behave like that character would behave. And you have to dance. I have not learnt dancing or acting but I had no problem dancing.

Where were you educated?

I studied in Ruparel College.  I studied in Canossa convent. I was a student of psychology but did not complete my graduation.

How has Bollywood reacted to you?

Legend and Ab ke baras released neck to neck so when Ab ke baras did not do much for me, Legend of Bhagat Singh fetched me some critical acclaim, people told me they remembered me from the film in that I attracted their attention though  it was a small role-that was a very encouraging thing for me. Luckily film critics did not write me off or say that I needed to pack my bags. In fact I found they were watching me with interest. Ishq Vishk was a very good platform for me because I was playing my age, a college girl. It was also very beautifully promoted by Tips and Ken Ghosh. And I got noticed.

Have you identified what is it that you have that other newcomers don’t that you are getting noticed?

There are lots of new girls who come in but to do a Hindi film heroine is fairly difficult- I was told that all the girls look like models not like characters they are playing. When we do auditions we find that someone looks good but cant dance or cant do something else. It’s very difficult to be a heroine.

Any family opposition?

I had no family opposition. My modeling career was going well and films were a major step- it was entering into a more competitive world-no one compares models and says this one is better than that one but in films there is a lot of competition. My major ads were Close up, Pantene, Feeling, Bru, Perk Fairever, which was my first ad.

What are you being offered now?

Fortunately I am getting performance oriented scripts-the younger scriptwriters and directors hopefully will change the scene. I’m in Main hoon na-the Farah Khan film with Shahrukh Khan_I’m opposite Zayed and I play someone so different from Payal from Ishq Vishk who is a sweet girl while in Main hoon na I’m a complete tomboy-it’s great contrast. And I’ve got Deewar with Amitabh Bachchan and Akshaye Khanna.

How is it working with a woman director?

Working with Farah is great-she is immensely creative and that shows in her work. I’m very proud to see a woman calling the shots. She has done a lot of homework you can see. We were to release the film in December but because of Shahrukh’s being unwell the schedules went awry. We had a one-month schedule in Darjeeling, which went well. Farah saw me in the Bru

Commercial she had not seen my films so she auditioned me and the first thing she asked me was can you dance?

She auditioned me for my dance. Initially I was very skeptical about my dancing ability but when I saw people complimented me I thought I was okay.

How do you feel about the response you have got for Ishq vishk?

I’m feeling very happy with the response I have got for Ishq Vishk. Working with Ken Ghosh was a joyride and he makes newcomers very comfortable on the sets. You are not tense at all. We never felt we were working. Getting a part in a Shahrukh Khan film made me happy that I would get the backing of his name- and for someone who doesn’t come from a film background it’s great thing.

How much does a director matter to you?

The director guides you but you have to put your own input to- when I was doing Payal _I found she was a lot like me but still I kept consulting with Ken whether I was getting it right.

When would you refuse a role?

When there are too many characters and your role is tiny then you would get lost so I might refuse such a role or the script may be weak sometimes a set up may be good so you accept a role. I would be influenced by the director by my co-stars and the script-the comfort level with your co-stars matters a lot. You should be able to discuss your script with your co-star you should have that much rapport.

Are you a film buff and do you take a role home?

I do homework when I get my scripts. I watch films but not any and every film. I used to see films on the video.

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