Salman needs some serious action

Dabanng is the only thing right now that is running in Sallu miya’s head. Salman Khan wants Dabanng to be a hit.

A source tells a tabloid, “Salman’s vision for Dabanng is no different from “Wanted””. As the 2009 hit ‘wanted’ witnessed a lot of dhishum dhishum, Sallu has incorporated five lengthy action sequences in the Dabanng too. In fact, news is that, the climax fight alone goes on for 20 minutes.

S Vijayan who was the action director for Wanted, is again in action. All that was told to him by Salman was, the scenes should be ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ than in Wanted.

After all, it’s a matter of home production. It has to be ‘The Best’


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