Kareena Kapoor launches her own website

Bollywood News: While the race towards having a new twitter and becoming famous is quite a trend these days among bollywood stars, Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor planned of launching her official website and infact promises to update her fans regularly using the website as a platform.

While speaking to reporters during this event, Kareena Kapoor say “This is my own site, my own space. I like the idea of leaving Post-it notes for my fans. I have created a special fan book where fans can write to me directly,”

One of the notes on her website http://www.kareenakapoor.me said: “Club Kareena is my official fan club. Check out Club Kareena on Facebook and Twitter.”

Another recent development in Kareena’s professional life has been her association with FIFA 1 GOAL, an International campaign on Education for all. She has become the first Indian actress to be associated with FIFA 1 GOAL.

She has joined the likes of Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Kevin Spacey, and Hillary Clinton and believes her website would help the campaign to reach people, who don’t know much about Indian cinema.

“1 GOAL campaign will reach a number of people who are not familiar with Indian cinema. This site will be a window to India and Indian cinema,” says Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor.


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