The sensuous look of Mugdha

Bollywood News: Mugdha Godse, a supermodel turned actor, who started her career with Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion and went on to impress fans with her performances in “All The Best” and “Jail”, has now dared to bare in her upcoming film “Help”.

“I have done glamorous roles as well as de-glam roles in the past, but as far as Help is concerned, my character is much more acting oriented,” she adds.

Mugdha, who plays a woman possessed by a demon, says that the role will establish her credentials as an actress.

The 28-year-old plays Bobby Deol’s wife in Help which follows a married couple through a series of bizarre incidents that wrecks their relationship.

The film directed by Rajeev Virani, brings together “science and fiction”, says Mugdha who is sure that the film will shock and scare the audience.

“My character does get possessed in the film. Also, there are lots of other things that happen to my body. While Help stays true to science and reality, there is also an element of fiction,” said the actress who is three-films -old in Bollywood.

She is confident about the prospects of Help which, she says has been shot uniquely by Virani. If Mugdha plays a central character in the film, where does that leave the lead hero Bobby Deol? “Of course both Bobby and I are in parallel roles. He definitely has a major part to play. If one character is possessed then another has to do something to help her out. Even though our characters are shown to be going through problems, the incidents only bring us closer,” said Mugdha Godse.

“Most of the horror films are a little slow because the director wants to build up the suspense with sound, camerawork and some spooky frames. On the other hand ours is a fast paced film. This is something unique because normally, we don’t see a pacy horror film,” said Mugdha.


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