Celina Jaitley is ‘Born of Dreams

Diya Jewelry, a new segment of Jewelry brand by Gitanjali Group, has chosen Celina Jaitley as its brand ambassador. The brand has the philosophy as ‘Born of Dreams’ and it believes that Jaitley’s life reflects this philosophy truly. Celina hails from a small town and winning the title of Miss India and having a dream journey in Bollywood seems to have every girl’s dream come true. The campaign required a sweet face which would represent a girl wandering in her own world of fantasies and fairytales and Celina fits this image perfectly. The imagery of the campaign is very dream-like and ethereal, set against nature and is based on the transformation/ metamorphosis of the beautiful diya woman into a dove / pea cock etc.

Says the actress, “Diya is the next biggest thing in India when it comes to diamond jewelry and in the most exotic beautiful designs I have ever seen. The whole ad campaign is out of this world and surreal. Dabbo brings magic to the pictures, the peacock inspired creation by neeta lulla gives it an ethereal feel. And I, the mannequin, feel like a princess of another world altogether and makeup artist Ojas has done his wonder for the second time again after the proactive international ad campaign.”

The photo-shoot for the campaign is done by Dabbo Ratnani, costume is by Neeta Lulla, hair and make-up is by Ojas Rajani and the creative director is Priya Pardiwala.


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