Priyanka Chopra sacrifices her role

Director Anurag Basu came up with the strong and powerful subject in ‘Silence’, but the movie has been suffering delay due to the starry issues of the female actresses. Earlier Priyanka Chopra was supposed to play the lead role in the film, but when Asin and Katrina Kaif who were earlier chosen for equally pivotal roles in the film chose to opt out fearing that they would be sidelines with Priyanka playing the plum role, the project’s future seemed to be at dismay. It was then that Piggie Chops decided to take action as she felt that ‘Silence’ is too powerful a project to be stalled. So, she took a step which no leading actress would dare to and she decided to swap roles and go for the one which was comparatively weaker so that the project moved further.

Now, PC essays a mentally challenged person alongside Ranbir Kapoor, who enacts a deaf mute guy in the hero and director Anurag Basu intends to take Priyanka Chopra to a mental asylum to help her get into the skin of her role.

Confirming the news, Priyanka said, “I will start shooting for Anurag’s Silence in January 2011 after completing Don 2. I am preparing for my role. I need to undergo training to perform the role perfectly. I am happy to get such a challenging role, which many of my age do not get.”


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