Aamir to play villain in Dhoom 3

Aamir to play villain in Dhoom 3 MUMBAI: Indian mega star Aamir Khan and filmmaker Yash Chopra have decided to work together.

While the market buzzed with news of Aamir playing the villain in Dhoom 3, sources close to the actor denied it categorically. However, it is now known that Aamir met with Aditya Chopra, who gave him an one-line narration of the role of the villain the film. And, an insider reveals, “Aamir has loved what he heard. In all probability, he will listen to the script on August 13 when he returns from Melbourne and Delhi.”

Aamir doesn’t wish to confirm or deny these developments as yet because he will start reading the script next week after his Peepli Live releases. However, it is said that the actor is keen to play the baddie because what he heard from Adi has truly excited him. A trade source says, “After 3 Idiots Aamir needs something very challenging and dynamic. And he knows that playing the villain in a established franchise like the Dhoom series will create a huge buzz.”

Dhoom 3 in all likelihood may not be directed by Sanjay Gadhvi. Chances are that the film may have a director of Aamir’s choice. As of now, the Chopras are very excited because their villains have been the most talked about characters in the Dhoom series. The first one had John Abraham, the second had Hrithk Roshan, and if they get Aamir for the third, it will be the crowning glory.

Aamir has earlier played a baddie in Raakh and Fanaa. But reports say that the villain of Dhoom 3 will be a very stylised character. And he is likely to make as much impact as Gabbar Singh of Sholay or Dr Mogambo from Mr India.


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