Koena Mitra at the Teens Choice Awards 2010

Actress Koena Mitra may be missing from the silver screen but she has had the opportunity of being the only Indian celebrity invited to the Teens choice Awards 2010. It was an overwhelming experience for the actress as the event gave her an opportunity to meet stars and biggies who have always awed her.
“It was a great experience to meet people who I thought were difficult to reach. People who I loved watching were right in front of my eyes like the twilight team which ruled the evening and I have always been a big fan of David Beckham, I got to see him in person. Plus, the energy of the show was a new experience all together,” she says.

Talking about her experience at the blue carpet, the actress said, “Blue carpets are a different thing all together, its like a mela where you have so many people around along with their entourage, its difficult to stand and chit chat over there but greeting people is a normal thing over there it happen on the streets in studios and the same happens at blue carpets.”

“I am glad that I was invited, since the time my management team has taken over my work, several invitations have been coming let that be award functions or premiers,” she added.

The actress who chose to pair a bright green dress with shocking purple stockings explained, “Ivan is my stylist who is doing a fantastic job with me over here, Teens choice is about young and stylish people and I wanted to wear a structured outfit and when he got me the D&G dress I realised we think similar.”


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