Realistic cinema has always won accolades at the bollywood box office and so the latest release ‘Peepli Live’ is also tagged a success. The movie is a sarcastic way of disclosing some of the facts about rural India and mainly about the lives of the farmers, who fetch most of the annual income to India, by practicing agriculture.

The movie also refers to the government policies and how they are processed, misused and are dissatisfactory, in all terms. The movie features only small grade theatre and television artists, but was promoted in a huge way by its producer and actor Aamir Khan that it bagged a great response from the public. The dialect in the movie is far more amusing and the light in which the media is shown is even more delightful.

Most of the reviews, about PEEPLI LIVE are in its favor and is said to add mileage to the movie run at the box office.


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