Mallika to do a horror next

Mallika Sherawat sure is full of surprises. Agreed, that her shape-shifting-snake stint in Hissss, with costumes complementing her body rather well, did scale her acting career to new heights but the actress is making further progress.

The key to success is versatility, it seems. Mallika has recently acquired the script of a horror film that she is very keen on acting in.

During the one-year course of her stay in the US, Mallika has come across several scripts from different writers. Amongst all of them, she has apparently loved the one that is supposed to be a horror story on reincarnation. Though the film will most probably be directed by a Hollywood director, it will have, Mallika tells us, a very Bollywood feel to it.

Mallika says, “I have heard the script of a horror film on reincarnation. It is currently in the developing process. When it is complete, one shall work on the director aspect.”

Like Hissss, which is supposed to be a typically Bollywood story but has been directed by Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch, this film too has a mish-mash of sorts. But an optimistic Mallika adds, “I have met so many writers and only one of them brought this lovely horror script to me.”

After signing a new film with Amitabh Bachchan, the horror film seems like the next best thing to Mallika. Though a bit homesick now, Mallika is looking forward to this new project. She says, “It’s been more than a year that I have been in the US but it has been fruitful. This is indeed an interesting phase in my career and is taking me in the right direction.”

Wonder if the Ramsay brothers said this on discovering their penchant for horror.


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