Mugdha Godse Interview

Glamour girl Mugdha Godse made a promising debut in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion.

Basics on Mugdha
Mugdha Godse is a Leonine, born on 26th July 1986. Standing tall at 5’8”, the model turned actress studied Commerce at the MMCC College in Pune.

She turned heads with her ravishing looks and soon became  a successful model. She was part of contests like the Femina Miss India (2004) where she won the Miss Perfect 10 title; she won top place at the Gladrags Mega Model Contest and won the Best National Costume at the Best Model of the World (2002) contest.

She has worked in several commercials like Wella, Close Up and Fiat Palio. She paired with Shah Rukh Khan for an Airtel ad. Her visibility went up when she appeared in music videos like Jassi’s Koka Teri Koka, Daler Mehendi’s Mauja Len De and Jab Chaye Mera Jadoo with Irrfan Pathan.

Mugdha Godse’s Movies
Mugdha Godse landed the part of a model Janet in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion (2008) with Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut in the lead. The movie was about the murkier side of the glamour industry. She will be seen in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail (2009) with Neil Nitin Mukesh.

She started her career as a model and later ventured into Bollywoood, making her debut in the highly acclaimed film Fashion, she is Mugdha Godse. The actress chatted live on Bollywood Hungama‘s celebrity chat with her fans talking about her latest release Help.

For all those who missed the opportunity, here are excerpts from that chat:

Mugdha Godse: hiiii every one I’m here

raaaj: hallo Mughd ji hum aapka kabse intajaar kar rahe hai..
Mugdha Godse: sorry for t delay

Karan: imm soo happyyyyyy
Mugdha Godse: im happy too
Mugdha Godse: ok i dnt like t way i look on this camera so im going off t video
Mugdha Godse: dnt mind guys

Danabolly: Mugdha!!:D see your Danabolly is there!! ;D you are fabulous
Mugdha Godse: hey danna

Danabolly: can you send me a flying kiss?? )) ❤
Mugdha Godse: how to do tht danna

Aminnah: i like ur movie
Mugdha Godse: watch help 13th aug onwards

Mugdha Godse: hehe

neeru: hows working with bobby
Mugdha Godse: bobby is a sweetheart had lottsa fun working wth him

madina (L) Mughdah: since when are you modelling?
Mugdha Godse: im modelling since long

Mugdha Godse: will u marry me!!!!!
Mugdha Godse: oyye thts my future project

madina (L) Mughdah: mughdah when are going to germany?
Mugdha Godse: germany i hvnt planned now

madina (L) Mughdah: what is your hobbies
Mugdha Godse: i love watchg films

abbasi: it will be my pleasure if a star like you will talk to me
Mugdha Godse: hey i want u guys to gv me ur feedbacks here on bollywood hungama aslo i hv my twitter acc @mugdhagodse267 n bring it onnn

mel_16: who is your fav co-star you have worked till date
Mugdha Godse: all ma costars r been a real funn till now yeyy

Mugdha Godse: ask madhur na… do i hv a role in his film?

kirti: hey Mughda how was it wrking on a horror film?
Mugdha Godse: working on a horror film is v exciting nd funnn lottsa homework though

Raaaaaaaaaaj: whats your fav sport
Mugdha Godse: i love swimming

Danabolly: will you come in Switzerland soon??
Mugdha Godse: i love switzerland will come surely

Raaaaaaaaaaj: what your fav hollywood movie?
Mugdha Godse: i loved RING

Mugdha Godse: pravin ya u chill… we r releasing it on friday t 13th thts wt intrests us

Jaspriya;: what is the latest english movie you have seen?
Mugdha Godse: INCEPTION

Mugdha Godse madina (L) Mughdah: here are many germany fans for you are waiting …
Mugdha Godse: yessss yesss

Raaaaaaaaaaj: brother and sisters?
Mugdha Godse: sis one

Jaspriya;: whats your secret to looking good?
Mugdha Godse: 8hr sleep

ishaa: u knw u looked just FAB in FASHION
Mugdha Godse: thanks dear

jani jee: do u like madhur cinema?
Mugdha Godse: i love it

Mugdha Godse: nooooooo

manik: despite your beauty and attractive personality you come across as someone relatable,down 2 earth
Mugdha Godse: thanks manik

0Esha01: What are your strong points as an actor?
Mugdha Godse: my underply reactions

PravinAnand: When will “Will you Marry me” complete & release
Mugdha Godse: december

Aminnah: mugda have u seen bace na hasseno
Mugdha Godse: ya aminnah why u askg

0Esha01: What have you learned from your senior actors?
Mugdha Godse: proffessionalism

Partha: Hi Mugdha ji…This week I am gonna watch Help in Theater..Even I am a huge Horror Movie freak lyk u
Mugdha Godse: lovely partha

Mugdha Godse ishaa: watz ur fav colour mugdha?
Mugdha Godse: yellow

Jaspriya;: DO you like twilight? or harry potter?
Mugdha Godse: harry potter

Raaaaaaaaaaj: fav english song?
Mugdha Godse: i just called to say i luv u by steve wonder

madina (L) Mughdah: who is your best freind in bollywood ??
Mugdha Godse: all r my friends

neeru: why bobby is not promoting help
Mugdha Godse: he is he was there for music launch guys cm on

madina (L) Mughdah: did you see toy story…if not you should..
Mugdha Godse: haha no toy story

Danabolly: which actress would you love to have as co-star?
Mugdha Godse: asin

0Esha01: What is the hardest part for u of being a celebrity?
Mugdha Godse: tht few of t people get too much into t personal life

nikie_nena: what is the latest indian movie u have seen?
Mugdha Godse: once upon time in mum fanstic film

Sandhya: Hi Mugdha, U truly rocked in Fashion. eagerly waiting to watch HELP this weekend…
Mugdha Godse: hey thanks sandhya

Mugdha Godse nikie_nena: how was ur day
Mugdha Godse: day is hectic

PravinAnand: what is your sisters name ??
Mugdha Godse: Madhura

madina (L) Mughdah: have you fallen in love with someone??
Mugdha Godse: no madina
Mugdha Godse: last 5 mins guys gotto rush… send in your qtns soon

0Esha01: What kind of roles do you prefer mugdha?
Mugdha Godse: Esha…now I want to do a romantic film…a hardcore love story

neeru: which is your fav song in help?
Mugdha Godse: neeru…Kehna Hai… and the title track which has no words

ishaa: mugda whum u apreciate in bollywood whum u think is best?
Mugdha Godse: ishaa….PC

madina (L) Mughdah: what you wanted to be if you were not an actor..??or model
Mugdha Godse: Housewife

madina (L) Mughdah: how must your mister right look??
Mugdha Godse: madina…he must look like Harry Potter

ranjit: who is ur fav director?
Mugdha Godse: ranjit…all people i have worked with

neeru: will bobby also come for chat
Mugdha Godse: neeru….ask my PRO

Mugdha Godse Sandhya: Hi Mugdha, is it true that you had a tryst with a ghost in real life? tell us more…
Mugdha Godse: Sandhya…i was jet-lagged

Samad Khan: Mughdah tell me About ur Film Help some intresting thing..
Mugdha Godse: Samad…Help is a new age horror film and will set new benchmarks in the horror genre

PravinAnand: Mugdha What is most important thing required to become an actor /Actress??
Mugdha Godse: Pravin…Professionalism

alagsi: what do you make of emraan hashmi?
Mugdha Godse: alagsi…I think he is a really sorted guy and a good actor

madina (L) Mughdah: what is your fav. food??
Mugdha Godse: Poha and Eggs

Aminnah: whos ur fav footballer
Mugdha Godse: Cristiano Ronaldo

madina (L) Mughdah: can you give me tips for an healthy lifestlye and body..
Mugdha Godse: just work out every day and eat healthy food

Danabolly: after became an actor did u have to change lots of things in your life?
Mugdha Godse: Dana….yeah i had to keep a bodyguard

0Esha01: Do you beive in arranged mariages dear?Luv u so much,wanna know ur oppinion
Mugdha Godse: Esha…no…i believe in luv marriage

Mugdha Godse: hey guys leavg wl say buy to u on t video… thank u cya in t theatres on friday the 13th aug

Mugdha Godse: tadah!!!!!



  1. BILAWAL Said:

    hy mughdha tell me wy r u come in bollywood

  2. salman Said:

    i really like you smile, you are so attractive.

    may GOD Bless you.

    take care
    Salman from London

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