Censor scissors on Love & Sex – Latest Bollywood News

Love & Sex, a film made under the banner of Star Dreams has become the latest vicitim of Censor Board for its bold scenes. Mahendra Dhariwal produced and Karan directed film has a star cast of Meghna Naidu, Sawar Ali and Tarun Arora.

The film was scheduled to release on 20th Aughust, but the Censor seems to have played spoilsport. The Censor Board thinks that the bold scenes between Savar Ali and Meghna are too Sexy and explicit in nature for the Censor and gave 6-7 cuts. Mahendra Dhariwal is not ready to those cuts and will be referring the film to revising committee. He is very indignant and considers Censor Board as biased and unjust.

“Those scenes were very important for the film. I will fight it out with the revising committee or, if needed, further, if my distributors allow me. My film is to be released on 20th, so I need to talk to them”, rues Dhariwal.


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