Saif lost my ring in four days

Her fine taste and finesse have hailed Sharmila Tagore as one of the most enduring icons of style over the years. Sporting a black sari ensemble, Sharmila sashayed in strictly to bedazzle. And rightfully, since Tagore had reason enough to do so.

Sharmila Tagore turned showstopper for ‘Sawansukha Jewellers’ at the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) convened at suburban Mumbai.

“Today, a modern woman has a choice between wearing traditional, contemporary and fusion jewellery,” she said. “I’m very moody, so sometimes I might wear a decent amount of jewellery and on other days, I might not wear any jewellery piece if I’m just curling up at home reading a Tagore poem and enjoying my tea.”

Feretting out an anecdote related to jewellery, the actress revealed, “Among the most sentimental pieces of jewellery that my husband gave me, was a ring which bore his emblem. I wore it for all the active years of my acting career. Then I gave it to Saif as a gift. And he managed to lose it in the next four days!”


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