Khans Are Two Dangerous Latest Bollywood News

Shah Rukh Khan was canning a slick ad commercial. Salman Khan was going through the cursory round of inter phews for ‘Dabangg’.

Big hassle?

The sworn Khan enemies were within dangerous proximity of each other at Mehboob Studios in suburban Mumbai!!

Reportedly, SRK’s well wishers called him up frantically urging him to delay his arrival, until Salman had been done with the media chats for ‘Dabangg.’

States a close source, citing a contrary view, “Actually, Salman was asked to come only after Shah Rukh had faced the camera for the commercial.”

Providence, though, played her little joke… and the arch rivals ended up at the shooting site at almost the same time!

Sadists, sanguine of a combat session between the Khans, were a wee disappointed though one of them didn’t hesitate to squeal to the scribe tribe stating, “They took a long stare at each other’s vanity van while the other was shooting.”

Khans Are Two Dangerous Latest Bollywood News


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