ShahRukh special photoshoot with his kids

They are known as the first family of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, An epitome of a classic perfect family. The love of dad SRK for his kids has been expressed on numerous occasions. Taking a leaf out of the lovely father and children relationship was the recent photoshoot done by Avinash Gowarikar. The kids and daddy SRK donned in henna tattoos looked like characters out of a sci-fi film. As SRK tweeted on the popular networking site, “just did an on the spot foto gig with kids & me as sci fi meets twilight meets aliens. Henna design by ash kumar pics by avinash gowarikar”

The only one missing was mom Gauri who was out of town. By the looks of it the kids are born stars who are ready to grab the world with both hands like their father. A splendid time spent together Shah Rukh expressed his pleasure in the most apt way possible as he tweeted, “henna 3 5 mins..taking it off…6 mins…looking & laughing at the pics…timeless.”


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