DABANGG is an expensive film

Unlike many film makers today who try to underplay the money spent on the making of a film and build a perception to make a look reasonably priced lest it gets under the scrutiny once the box office collections are out, Arbaaz Khan is not shying away from admitting the high price tag that his debut production DABANGG carries.

“Yes, DABANGG is an expensive film but when you invest in a project like this where you have total confidence, you don’t hold back on spending money at the right places. Jab itni pyaar se picture banaayi jaati hai tab kharche ke baare mein nahi socha jaata,” says Arbaaz who is visibly quite fond of his first born baby and is going all out to make it the most talked about film this season.


“We come from the film family and we did all that was necessary for the script to come alive on screen,” says Arbaaz, “Yes, the budget was high here but we had planned for that. Just imagine; when a regular movie is shot in 60 days in entirety, just the canning of action sequences in DABANGG cost us 60 days. This pretty much confirms how big this film is and the canvas that it has been shot.”

The result was an exciting product which is said to be commanding a good price in the industry today.

“You heard it right,” Arbaaz gets smiling here, “The market has improved today and we are lucky in that aspect. The film is commanding the price it deserves. We didn’t compromise on the making of the film. Jab itni mehnat karo toh right vibes toh aati hi hain. We are confident about what we have made and naturally, the investors too are taking cue from our confidence.”

Well, all that one wants now is the audience getting the same confidence in the film as well once it hits the screen on 10th September.


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