Yadav is in jail, but he's keen to see 'Dabangg

The song number ‘munni badnaam’ from ‘Dabangg’ and the catchy promos have already whipped up interest for the Salman Khan starrer from famous and infamous quarters.

Case in point: Rajesh Ranjan aka Pappu Yadav.

Word has it that Yadav, the former Janata Dal MP from Bihar, presently serving a term in prison is all eager to view a screening of ‘Dabangg’ prior to the release of the cop flick.

Incidentally, Yadav is amply keen to view the cop centric flick to check out the performance of… Sonu Sood!

Apparently, Sood met up with the jailbird politician to get all the nuances right for his role of a Bihari politician in ‘Dabangg’.

Apparently, the actor visited Bihar in July 2010 and met up with Yadav, who offered to host him and take him on a tour of Bihar for him to get a first hand taste of the badlands.

States Sood in a tabloid quote, “I don’t know too much about Bihar politics. But meeting up with Yadav was certainly interesting. He was quite excited about ‘Dabangg’ and offered to show me around Bihar state and meet up with his colleagues.”

Adds he,”I have imitated Yadav’s ‘look’ and body language in ‘Dabangg’. Now that he wants to watch the film in jail, I’m going to speak to Arbaaz Khan and the jail authorities about it.”


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