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Chiniot is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Chiniot is tehsil headquarters of Jhang District in the former Faisalabad Division. It is located on left bank of the Chenab River on the Sargodha to Faisalabad road. The population of Chiniot is estimated to be 1.5 million. Chiniot is located at Latitude: 31.7200 and Longitude: 72.9789.
Chiniot is on the bank of River Chenab, and is famous for its furniture industry, which it also exports. Its labour force is specially skilled in woodwork.
The main tribes of Chiniot are: Arian, Bhutta, Chadhar,Thabal, Chinioti Sheikhs, Jute , Khokhar, Lali , Nekokara, Nissowana, Qazi,Sayyed, Sandhu
Places to visit
”        Mausoleum of Shah Burhan?
It is a Mughal style mausoleum of Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Burhan.
”        Shahi Mosque
It was erected by the orders of Nawab Sa’adullah Khan who was the prime minister of Mughal empire during reign of Shah Jehan.
”        The Palace of Omar Hayat
It is famous for producing a business community, Chinioti people are hardworkers and Intelligent. They spread across the country and now own and control big industrial and business groups all over Pakistan. Chiniot is famous for its food dishes, especially “Kunna” (raw goat meat cooked in clay pot). The language spoken in Chiniot is (Jhangochi) a dialect of Punjabi. Chiniot comprises so many small towns and villages. Villages are mostly CHAK NO. CHAK NOs. means a village planned and established by The English Engineers, during colonial period. These villages were planned mostly along canal banks to distribute the population evenly. Chack No. 127JB is one of the famous villages along the Jhang Branch Canal.Sandhus of the Chak 127JB also famous in the area.